Particulars Descriptions
 Area 1, 55,707 square kilometer
Populations 47,439,243 (2020)
Principle Language Oriya
Capital Bhubaneshwar

OdiSha- Beauty of Nature

Khandagiri Odisha cave

The Odisha state, capital of Bhubaneshwar, and also a viable atmosphere state. In this state, their temple, antique handloom and handicraft, traditional dance, green color woodland, cave, festivals, fairs, charming blue hills, beautiful architecture, culture, tradition, religion, and many more things. They all are the symbol of Odisha. These all beautiful specs always attract those people who want to feel actual of nature and beauty of this Indian. Thousands of people like tourists, historians, and travelers from all over the world want to get attracted by this state. Its affluence history, fascinatingly structured temple and monuments, tribally people’s life characterized by dance, revolutionary freedom movement, their rite, music, hunting knowledge, celebration and wild ways have become an important subject of study historian and pupil.

Odisha state was bounded by many other beautiful places like, In North wild hill state of Jashpur and Singhbhumi,  Gondawana in the west, South by Ganjam city and East by sea. In some time before there is a part of present district Cuttack and Sambalpur and a portion of Midnapore.

The ancient charge of ‘Odra desa’ or ‘Or-desa’ was limited to the gorge of the Mahanadi and the lower course of the Subarnarekha River.

History of Odisha

Odisha is a Hindi name, comes from the Sanskrit word” Odra Vishaya” or “Odra-Desa”. The history of Odisha is based on the various available source. This state will be improved with the discovery of coins, old inscriptions, and archaeological remains, etc and the previous history of Odisha will find a new range. Temple in Odisha reached its complete form towards the close of the Somavamsi period. In some time before there is a part of present district Cuttack and Sambalpur and a portion of Midnapore.

On 1 April 1936, Odisha was established as a province of British India. The English name was Orissa. On 4 November 2011 changed into Odisha. 5000 years old history behind this state. In the 16th century, Odisha came under the rule of the Bengal.

A glimpse of Odisha Tourism

Waterfall in Odisha

Odisha state is also known as the land of Lord Jagannath. This state is one of the potentials places with various interest for tourists. White tiger safari and Lion safari both are added as a new feature. Ushakothi has lush green forests. Millions of Olive Ridley, an international breed of turtle come two times a year to Garimatha beach to lay eggs. Dancing Dolphins are also added as an attraction for making your day.

Chilika Lake is also known as the biggest salty Water Lake in Asia. This lake has bird paradise as well. This lake is also known by some romantic name like Honeymoon Island, Breakfast Island, etc. Lovely beaches in Odisha, from Chandeswar to Gopalpur are still pure and rated among one of the best beaches in the world stretching over 400 km.

Crocodile sanctuary is an eye-catching attraction for the worldwide wildlife lover. Impessive Mahanadi valley at Tikarapara has a great attraction for visitors. Chandipur beach at Balasore district has a unique identity on its own.

The fable of Nilamadhab combine with Kantilo is provoking. Ushakothi filled with Chirping of birds and rich wildlife, Lush green forests in Similipal, are a much-needed covered. The biosphere reserve in Nandankanan, only 20 km away from Bhubneswar, it can be entertaining for all visitor regardless of age and gender.

Enduring and steep waterfalls at many numbers of places like Joranda, Berehipani, Khandadhar, Pradhanpat, Nrusimhanath, Harishankar, Bagra, Duduma, etc, be living opposite to absorbing hills of picturesque beauty give the tired travelers with cool light wind and icy cold water get them to relax from the heated sun in the summer and create some thrill for doing some more adventure. At Atri, Taptaganj, Deulajhari, and Tarabalo, these places give your refreshment in the winter Sulphur springs.

Odisha Makes A Proposal For Tourists Numerous Festivals And Traditional Fairs Which Are Observed With Bright Colorful Pomp And Joyful Ceremony. Puri District Organizes Rath Yatra Which Is The Grandest In India. Dhanu Yatra Is A Famous Festival At Bargarh District Sambalpur. 

Tourist Places of Odisha

Odisha state has many glories. The Eastern coast of India was continuously washed by the Blue Water of the Bay of Bengal. Gifted with a huge artistic legacy of old charms and awarded with the gratuity of nature, sometimes awe-springs, sometimes tender, it’s a multi-colored of past splendors and gives attraction, a famous state with pure beaches, huge stretched lakes, luxury jungle with safari, chock full wildlife, big size mountains, cultural families, handmade arts and handicrafts, fairs, festivals, biggest Yatra, traditional dance and music. Odisha is land of Lord Jagannath which is a never forgettable memory and hidden prized possession.

Jagannath temple in puri was established in the 12 century. This is an iconic temple in India and the world, the heart of the city. Many visitors come here from India and other countries. So many people say birds do not fly over the temple because a Garuda (A bird Creature) is there.   

Best beaches of Odisha offered the Best seafood. Swargadwar Beach, beast time for visit this beach is from October to March month. Boats are available to give you feel, why people give Swargdwar name to this beach, Swargdwar means Door to Heaven.

Khandagiri caves located in Digamber Jain Temple at Puri District. Gundicha Temple is on Bada Danda, three km. away from Jagannath Temple. This temple is a short-lived home for Lord Jagannath during Rath Yatra. Vimala Temple is the temple of Goddess Vimla, this temple is located in the south-west of the Jagannath Puri temple.


Tourism in Western Odisha

Odisha government decide with the help of Odisha Tourism Development Corporations to promote tourism not only in coastal Odisha but also in Western Odisha. Lots of natural beauty places are available in western Odisha.

Ushakothi wildlife sanctuary offered natural resources for a thousand varieties of breeds include tigers, elephants, leopards, and among others, just 22 km away from Sambalpur also has the Hirakud on the west. Huma temple at Sambalpur is the only Lord Shive shrine temple that has two leaning temples in the entire world. GUDGUDA waterfalls at Sambalpura has covered by seven big rocks. It’s the best place for those people who love tracking and make you feel more delightful. Lokanth Temple is open from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Lokanth Temple is established in the 11th century, this temple is located in Puri district near to  Lord Jagannath Temple. Lokanth temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva temple.

Buddha Shrine at the chari sambhu temple, speak of the prominence of Buddha in this region. Buddhist monks and followers in this place historically inhabited here. A giant Buddha’s statue is attraction point of this temple.

Chiplima temple at Sambalpur is dedicated to Goddess Ghanteswari. Chiplima temple is one of the favorite picnic stop at Sambalpur District. Harishankar temple at Bolangir, this city is for farmer and tribal people of Odisha. They people live simple and devoted for Lord Shiva.  Harishankar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva Shrine.        

Industries in Odisha

Odisha is one of the valuable states of India. National Thermal Power Co. which is a National Aluminum Company plant is well established in Indian and also in another country. Many other mineral resources big corporations like Rourkela Steel plant, HINDALCO at Hirakud, NILACHAL ISPAT NIGAM LIMITED. Odisha also specialized in the production of Ceramic Glass. This state is a special economic zone of India. Odisha states economy is the fastest growing economy in India. 8.76 % expected growth of Odisha’s Gross State Domestic Products (GSDP). This state is also based on the agricultural economy. According to IPR- 2001 and Odisha Industries or facilitation act 2004 represent all the ambition of government.       

The annual average growth rate of this state is 6.23 percent during this period. Odisha’s government makes sure to create an investor-friendly environment and industry- enabling in the state. This state has a view to boosting Industrial growth, economic growth, and more employment opportunities.

Odisha is one of the most important states where we got gifted with a huge number of verities of mineral resources. This state have reputation for being concerned for industries of mineral resources.

Odisha not only in National Industry but also known as investors in Aluminum, petrochemicals, power, food processing industry, IT and ITES, tourism, and more such other sectors. This state also emerges as an important investment destination for India. Iron, Coal, Bauxite, Dolomite, Iron, Tin etc, these are some minerals found in Odisha. Odisha will become a growing Industrial hub in the coming years.