How to manage the Inventory System in your place?

Food inventory management

FOOD INVENTORY SYSTEM MANAGEMENT, there’s a lot thing for manage that goes into running a successful restaurant. A perfect unique theme matched with your business, stellar ambiance, dedicated staff, and many more. The most important game-changers thing that determines a restaurant business performance more is effective food inventory management.

A person who owns a restaurant has set a goal- to ensure that customers love their food and service they provided. After all, there’s nothing like hearing content sighs and high applause for a good meal. People love to offer this experience to the customers, it’s of entire importance that you have a good efficient food inventory management system in your own place. In this way, we’re going to tell you about the how much importance of food inventory management and how you can produce less wastage in your restaurant.

Let’s begin with some basics.

What is Food Inventory Management System?

Basically, it means that you having a system in place to track all the stock that comes in and goes out of your restaurant or food truck also. This system tells you all about the shipments of fresh raw material like ingredients, spices, oils, and other various items you need from time to time. In an effective food inventory system, you always should be able to determine at any time just exactly how much stock you have in your kitchen, what quantity you need next time,, how much is extra to order, and many more other things. 

Having ready with foolproof food inventory management system in place can do wonders in helping you manage your finances better all time. You also can find out where you’re spending much money, which ingredients or material aren’t being utilized optimally, any stock you can cut out, and many other things to do. If you have all the data right in front of you, you can make the necessary changes in order to grow your business and make your restaurant achieve higher revenues in business. You get to map out more adapted strategies and extremely increase your revenue.

How can you reduce wastage?

You’re now aware of the importance of having a food inventory management system. We have some tips for you to implement in your food inventory management at your place. The main goal at your hand is to reduce wastage- and this can be easy to do in a number of ways.

Get your staff involved in this system.

As a restaurant or food truck owner, you probably know how important food inventory management is. It is time to get your staff now on board for this management system. First, discuss with them the present system you have. Next, meet and talk to them about what works better and what doesn’t. Note up new ideas to generate less daily wastage. Finally, create a system for your place that handles food inventory management more effectively. Make sure your staff feels happily included and implement the tips, tricks, and ideas that they come up with. Probably, make sure you get across the point that the best food inventory management system can bring about a massive difference in making your restaurant more successful and give growth in the future, and its ultimately bring you about higher revenues.

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Invest in good food inventory management software.

Calculating and arranging the amount of stock that comes into your restaurant and how much is used daily can be quite challenging for restaurants and food trucks also. Sometimes its making big errors in your calculation can lead to major losses. So, the best way to solve this problem is to invest some money to purchase software to manage all your food inventory. This kind of software can automate your purchases entirely. This will give you alerts when an item reaches towards reordering level. Instead, you constantly checking your inventory from time to time, and now you can access all the data with ease way and spend your time creating and implementing strategies to run your business better way.

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Assign person for roles in your management.

You’ve met with your staff and discussed all the problems, what they need for an effective food inventory management system. You should select a number of experienced employees to be in charge of running this system smoothly and freshly. You also have to select those people who can lead by example and keep things update in check. The candidate should be observant and analytical, in order to be able to come up with ideas to make your restaurant run more smoothly as well. Now you have a food inventory management system software in place already. Make ensure that your all employees are well-observed in how to use it.

Calculate how much you need for safety stock .

Always keep some extra stock in place for an emergency such as a food shortage or a super busy weekend. Extra stock is always a good idea for this type of business. It is also important not to overdo it. Keeping the excess amount of stock can lead to higher food wastage and also take up precious space in your place. So, find out the exact number or amount of extra stock that you think is important for your restaurant. It varies from ingredient to ingredient.

Cleanliness is an important key in Inventory management system.

Always clean your kitchen, dining space, and storage areas neat and tidy, it has a huge impact on minimizing food wastage. The whole kitchen area should be cleaned by scrubbed every day and there needs to be a clear waste management system as well. The most important area is your dining space, should have a fixed number of tissues and cutlery throughout the day. Your storage space should have all ingredients easy to view. It also have everything categorized and well-labeled as neatly as possible. These allowing quick and easy access for your employees.

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Have an effective food menu in place.

A well-drawn-out menu can create a big difference in reducing food wastage in a restaurant. Having a number of different variety dishes that have a common ingredient. This is one of the best ways to reduce meal costs and make more optimum utilization of resources you use. Design your restaurant or food truck menu in such a way. That you are offering more dishes that use peri peri spice- burgers, pizza, pasta, noodles, and fried rice and so on. This is more cost-effective in your business as well. Always keep try to use ingredients that aren’t limited to some dishes.

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Check your stock regularly.

Depending on the footfall, you need to have regular stock checks. This checkup could be once in a week, once in a fortnight, or maybe once in a month. Check if there are any expired or waste products that need to be replaced by new one. Keep your inventory at an A1 level.

Set a reorder level for all stock in Inventory management system.

Once you’ve done a couple of hour of stock checks, now you are going to end up with a rough idea about a possible reorder step. You need to pick a certain quantity of each ingredient in your inventory. Once you reach this quantity, it is time to order more. Establishing an adapted reorder level makes sure that you never run out of stock for your kitchen ingredients. 

Quick Sum Up.

Buy a reliable and competent food inventory management system that is running in the market, is often the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful restaurant story. If you work hard to create a system that works for you better, you are bound to have better performance and always derive higher revenues. 

Good luck!

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