Marketing Tips for Food Truck Business

food truck Marketing

These techniques is known as good as how people click with it. And all of the above everything, people love a good story of a brand. Your brand must have a unique story that people can love to associate with.

How can you build a strong strategy for your brand?

Select your target audience:

Decide your frequency audience is the young crowd or families. That will help you with you to make planning for content marketing and some social media strategy. Food Truck Marketing reports will decide the success of your business plan.

Do competitor analysis:

First, you have to select your completion in your market and find out how your competition is faring. The food types they sell. What type of promotion channels they used, their USP (unique selling proposition). Search everything that you can dig up about them will be helpful when you go about building your brand.

Competitor analysis, Blue, yellow and black question marks

Build differentiators:

Find your USP, what makes you stand out for people and why should people buy from you? To stand as a brand from the crowd, you must have to make sure about this question.

Think about your Brand Name:

Choose a name that where people can easily target you and get clicks with the target audience you select. The brand name is always for people who can resonate and relate to. Here are a few names for your inspiration: SWAT, Chaska, Eat and Run, Desi Firangi, What the Fork.

Business, Brand name and a hand pointing

Finalize a logo and a theme of a food truck:

A logo for a brand is an important piece of your business or starter. That will show up on your food truck, all your designs, on your banners and all promotions, and all your online channels wherever a logo represents you as a brand. Make sure your logo speaks to your brand.

Quick example:

People love south Indian food, Truck based out of Chennai, India has been positioned as a huge market of South India food selling truck. The images used on the truck, the leaf as part of the company logo, also note the name all scream your brand.

How to do marketing for a Food Truck

Needless to say that promotions and good marketing reports will decide the success of your business plan. Always keeping this in your mind, we will note some ways that could promote your food truck, both market online and offline as well.

Online Promotion Ideas

There are a large number of things you can do on digital platforms. We have discussed a few of the key points here to help you to create marketing or promotion ideas:

  • Have your own website and app. To build a strong brand presence you must have a website, tell your story loud and clear on the website. Always use attractive HD images and show discounts.
  • Tie up with some online food ordering aggregators like uber eat, food panda, Swiggy, and Zomato.

  • A strong Social Media presence is very important in all businesses. Restaurants and food trucks owner use Facebook and Instagram to build their brand. Ensure that you are visible and active on social media channels for people who need to aware of your brand.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Shortlist keywords according to your niche. Build all your content around using keywords. Be mindful of the page load times of your website. Use some online tools to help you with site meta-tagging. Directory submission is also the way that you could be easily found on Google.
  • Run an online ads campaign: You could run a campaign for promoting your business on search engines and social to either increase online orders or build your brand awareness according to the audience you have selected. Both ways, you must set aside some amount and target your niche audiences. You can also add custom audience sets and run your ads on them for conversion.
  • Run CRM campaigns: Arrive at customer details using POS and use customer data to run your restaurant CRM campaigns via Emails and SMS.
For food truck marketing CRM written on surface and a hand with marker

Some benefits of opening a Food Truck

  1. Low risk and low investment: To start a food truck would not cost you more than 10 lakhs if you spend your money carefully.
  2. fewer resources required on this business: One of the big advantages of a food truck is, you have a low dependency on resources, and you can even get started with 1-2 resources.
  3. Learning experience: If you wish to a quick learner about the various activities involved in running a food truck business, this is a great starting point for you. You can measure processes of analysis to your data. Get a better grip on customer tastes and preferences, do some important operational activities like manage marketing, promotions, and so on.

Catering at events: Apart from your everyday operations, you should consider building a few partnerships and give your catering service at events, corporate festivals and many more places. Groom Up Now food truck, for instance, sells excellent in Indian street food and caters to a large number of tests and corporate events as well.

Health and Hygiene

The food trucks usually operate like cooking and selling in a very small areas. Owners of food truck must be very mindful and careful of kitchen hygiene, air pollution levels, and food waste management etc. 

Environmental pollution has create a drastic impact on the food truck. Example- food trucks in Gurugram (Haryana) have seen a dip in the business of about 40% owing to high levels of air pollution. 

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